Friday, 16 January 2015

Australia Visa Immigration-What all you need to Know?

Australia has always been a coveted destination in terms of migration. With a robust economy, world-class education, better health care system and modern lifestyle, the country is the right destination for immigrants from different parts of the world. Australia has geared up the immigration numbers in terms of skilled professionals who get a chance to explore the striving job market of the country.
But in order to migrate towards the country, you need to Avail Suitable Australia PR Visa that will support your stay in the country and will offer you a chance to be part of this fascinating destination. Here are the two popular skilled visas for Australia that offers a chance to the skilled professional to explore the labor market there.

Australia Skilled Independent Visa
The skilled independent visa for Australia is for those skilled workers who wants to work in different states and territories of Australia, but are not nominated by either by an employer or through sponsorship by an Australian citizen.

Australia Skilled Nominated Visa

This permanent residency visa is for candidates who qualifies for sponsorship by the state or territory government in Australia or get a sponsorship by a relative or family member who is a permanent resident of Australia.

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