Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Canada Immigration Express Entry | Immigration Overseas

The Express Entry system of Canada has created a comprehensive platform for the skilled workers to migrate towards Canada. This new system is a prominent step towards meeting the labor market needs of Canada, promising economic growth.
Canada immigration Express Entry is offering several advantages to the foreign nationals. These include:
  • No limit or cap on the number of PR visa applications
  • High focus on highlighting the credentials of the migrants
  • No specific occupation list
  • Liberty to the candidates to include all their qualifications in their profile
  • Chance to apply under the system at any time

This new system has proved to be the most effective and simple pathway to migrate to Canada 8under the economic immigration programs. Canada immigration Express Entry allows any candidate to apply under the process and get a chance to be selected under the pool.
It is a two step process where the applicant has to create an Express Entry profile, offering relevant information about their age, education, professional experience and language ability. In the nest step the candidates are ranked in regard to the comprehensive ranking system and the one will suitable points are offered Invitation to Apply. Time of 60 days is given to the migrant to apply for their PR visa.

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