Monday, 18 May 2015

Eligibility criteria for Citizenship Application Canada

Canada is a well known country and it is the most preferred country for immigration. The already settled Canadian immigrants who are wishing to obtain citizenship application  Canada have to fulfill certain prerequisites such as age, permanent residence, language proficiency, he/she should not have any criminal record, should have enough knowledge of Canada and others. Here we will focus towards helping eligible immigrants prepare and practice for the Citizenship application Canada written test.

For Citizenship application Canada the first thing you have to ensure is to keep the documents properly and in order. For cross checking you will need to carry the original documents which you already have had submitted with the citizenship Canada application such as Identification proof, immigration documents along with your passport or travel documents.

There will a verification of your documents by an immigration officer. After this, you will require to fill a form with details like name,address, work, and educational for the past 5 years.

Your identity  will also  be verified and few question will be asked about your recent job and your family details. The officers will verify the stamps on your passport as well and the questions can differ on the basis of your case. To prepare for the citizenship application Canada you should refer the”Discover Canada” guide which is the official government study guide.

The format for the Citizenship application Canada test is usually written, but you will also need to appear for an interview  with the citizenship judge. Basically, the test will help them to know of your knowledge of Canada and your fluency in English and French.

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