Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Brief Insight on the Quebec skilled PR Visa for Canada

Quebec is one of the most popular provinces of Canada with an independent immigration system and selection criteria. Quebec every year attracts competent, educated and skilled professionals who could contribute their skills towards the economy of Canada, opening up wider doors of opportunities.

In this regard, the Quebec skilled worker visa is the most popular visa stream that supports the intake of higher number of skilled professionals under various occupations. To qualify under this skilled visa program, the candidate has to score certain points based on various criteria. A single, non-married immigrant needs to score 50 points while the applicants who are married or have a common law partner have to score minimum of 57 points. In addition to this the immigration authority grants 8 points to the applicant who has knowledge about the country and the adaptability. Further, 59 points need to be scored by a single applicant and 68 points in case you are with your spouse, common-law-partner of conjugal partner.

The applicant is awarded 29 points for education and training, up to 9 points for experience, 22 points for language proficiency and 18 points for age factor. In case the applicant has family in Quebec than he/she gets extra 8 points and if the applicant has children you are capable of lead stable life in Quebec, then the candidate gets up to 8 points.

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