Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pathway to New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

Being one of highly developed and least corrupt nations of the world, many thousands of immigrants dream of living in New Zealand permanently. In order to obtain a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa, one must initially hold a Resident Visa for at least two years. The holder of a Resident Visa can enter and travel from New Zealand at anytime within the period of 2 years. However, one has to spend at least 184 days in New Zealand in every 12 months in the total 24 months before submitting the application for PR Visa. After the end of the two years period, an immigrant becomes eligible to apply for PR Visa.

The two types of Resident Visas available at present are mentioned below:

•   Skilled Migrant Visa: The government of New Zealand is looking for overseas skilled workers to fill the job vacancies in which there is a skills deficiency in its domestic workforce. So the prospective migrants having the required qualifications and work experience can apply for a job under the Skilled Migration Category.

•    Residence from Work Visa: If an immigrant stays in New Zealand for a period of two years under Work Visa then he/she can apply for Resident Visa.

•   Business Migration Visa: This program is designed to attract businessmen from abroad to invest in New Zealand, which will enhance the economic development of the country. The entrepreneurs and investors can apply for Resident Visa or PR Visa after some years if they succeed in their business. 

•   Family Categories Visa: Under Family Reunification Programs, the permanent residents and citizens of NZ can sponsor their close family members to stay in New Zealand under Resident Visa.

If you want to Apply for a New Zealand Visa to work or do business in New Zealand then contact Immigration Overseas.