Thursday, 29 January 2015

An Overview Of The Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Requirements

Moving to a developed and peaceful country like Canada is a dream for all. Canada offers good opportunities to generic professional, students and business entrepreneurs and investors, allowing them avail long term benefits and lead a great life in the country. Federal skilled workers, Provincial Nomination Program, Canadian Experience class, family sponsorship, business immigration and student visa are some of the popular visa categories of Canada.

The candidates need to meet the eligibility obligations in order to successfully complete the overall application process and get a visa for Canada.

The important Canadian Permanent Residency Visa Requirements and selection factors include:

•    Age: Maximum of 12 points
•    Language: Minimum threshold of 16 points, Maximum of 28 points
•    Employment experience: Minimum of 9 points, Maximum of 15 points
•    Educational qualification: Maximum 25 points
•    Arranged employment: 0 or 10 points
•    Adaptability: Maximum of 10 points

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Applicants are awarded points on the basis the above mentioned criteria that strengthens their migration towards the country.

You can even receive relevant guidance on the Canada express entry services that the company in offering with the launch of this new economic immigration system of Canada. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Permanent Residency Visa- All you Need to Know

Foreign people who migrate to Australia form the biggest economic resources for the country. Getting a visa for Australia is the first and foremost step to enter and live in the country for the lifetime. PR visa in this regard is a stamped entry passes the offers the newcomer to get all the benefits that a citizen is entitled to.

The PR visa for Australia can be obtained in four different steps:
•    Skilled Visa
•    Business Visa
•    Family Visa
•    Sponsored Worker Visa

This visa is not for everyone who wishes to immigrate to Australia and offers lot many opportunities to the foreign nationals to succeed in the country.

Working holiday visa and student visa are easiest step in order to attain the status of Landed Australia Permanent Resident Services. The sponsorship visa is another visa type in this regard that is offered to the applicants after working for some time in the country. The candidate must possess excellent skill, character, and education and health requirements in order to successfully settle in Australia.

Skilled migration is another prominent immigration pathway for the prospect applicants, allowing them to explore the labor market opportunities in the country.

But migration to another country is not an easy task and availing visa for that country is another tough task that takes a huge amount of time to succeed.

In this regard the interested candidates need to approach a professional immigration law firm for Effective Australia Immigration Services.

Immigration Overseas is the right choice for those people. We are an immigration law firm that holds rich expertise in offering Australia PR Visa services to the applicants, assisting and guiding them throughout the process. Get to us today for effective assistance.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Facts to Consider while hiring Top Immigration Consultants

Immigrating to another country is certainly a life-changing event. It gives your dreams all new dimensions and opportunities to convert them into relishing reality. But, this could only be possible if you have obtained the visa successfully. Attaining a visa is not like playing darts in the dark; it is a daunting process involving many legal formalities. Every stage of the process, straight right from the visa assessment, application filing till the final interview with the concerned authorities, involves painstaking legal formalities that need to be tackled wisely to get the visa approved.

If you are also willing to immigrate to another country, but afraid of the immigration procedure, then, don’t worry, here, You can Approach an Immigration Law Firm for Professional Help.

An immigration consultant is a professional committed to help those who are willing to immigrate to another country. He/she holds expertise in the immigration sector, and helps applicants obtain the PR visa under different economic and sponsorship immigration programs.

But, how to choose an immigration consultant?

First of all, look for a consultant accredited by the major immigration authorities. For example, ICCRC/CRCIC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) for Canada and MARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) in case you are immigrating to Australia.

Secondly, ask your consultant demonstrate his/her years of experience in the domain. A consultant, who has been in the realm for many years, is likely to handle immigration cases efficiently than the newer ones.

Thirdly, it is advisable to check the clientele of the Immigration Expert in Delhi, India you are approaching. A consultant, who carries trust of many successful immigrants, is the right person to hire.

Now, if you are looking for such consultant who stands tall on above mentioned factors, then, you should contact the consultants of Immigration Overseas (a renowned immigration law firm).

Friday, 16 January 2015

Australia Visa Immigration-What all you need to Know?

Australia has always been a coveted destination in terms of migration. With a robust economy, world-class education, better health care system and modern lifestyle, the country is the right destination for immigrants from different parts of the world. Australia has geared up the immigration numbers in terms of skilled professionals who get a chance to explore the striving job market of the country.
But in order to migrate towards the country, you need to Avail Suitable Australia PR Visa that will support your stay in the country and will offer you a chance to be part of this fascinating destination. Here are the two popular skilled visas for Australia that offers a chance to the skilled professional to explore the labor market there.

Australia Skilled Independent Visa
The skilled independent visa for Australia is for those skilled workers who wants to work in different states and territories of Australia, but are not nominated by either by an employer or through sponsorship by an Australian citizen.

Australia Skilled Nominated Visa

This permanent residency visa is for candidates who qualifies for sponsorship by the state or territory government in Australia or get a sponsorship by a relative or family member who is a permanent resident of Australia.

Wish to migrate towards Australia as a skilled professional? Immigration Overseas is offering commendable services to the candidates in the Realm of Immigration to Australia. A globally reckoned immigration law firm, the firm strives to work towards the needs and demands of its, helping them to get through the daunting visa  application process. We have a rich expertise in offering PR visas to the clients, helping them easily accomplish their dream of migrating and working in Australia for the lifetime.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme- A PR Visa Pathway

In order to nominate the highly skilled professionals in Australia, the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is an effective option. The major occupational stream under this visa program includes: managers, administrators, professionals and trade persons. Under this visa for Australia, the positions must respond to the occupation defined by the government and in regard to the standard of working.

This PR visa for Australia consists of 2 stages:

Nomination by an employer
Here the applicant is nominated as a full time employee in Australia. The applicant in accordance to get nominated must meet the working standards of Australia and service at least 3 years of working in Australia.

Nominee's application for a Visa
 In order to Avail Australia PR Visa Services under this category, the applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria like age, educational qualification, professional experience, and English language ability, health and character requirements. Along with this they need to accomplish the skill criteria so as successfully migrate and settle in Australia for the lifetime.
Further, there are three streams under this scheme. These include:

1.    Temporary Residence Transition stream- for people who hold visa subclass 457and have worked  for 2 years in Australia in a permanent position.
2.    Direct Entry Stream- For people who have worked in the Australian labor market briefly or never.
3.    Agreement stream-is for people sponsored by an employer through labor market of either labor or regional agreement.

Immigration Overseas is one of the best immigration law firm that expertise in Offering Pivotal Services in regard to Permanent Residency Visa. We are globally reputed and specialists in offering a comprehensive service platform to the clients, helping them accomplish their migration goals.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Immigration Experts In India-Making The Migration More Confident

Knowing the daunting and the legal immigration procedure, the applicant must seek for skilled and experienced experts who could offer them great guidance and effective migration advice. Immigration consultants in this regard are the perfect partner. They are known for offering up-to-date information to the applicants, helping them understand the tough legal rules and regulations.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring visa consultants/expert for your migration overseas:

They are highly knowledgeable and informed about the changing migration system
Abide strict professional working conduct
Offers ethical services to the immigrants
Are registered under immigration authorities globally
Accountable to offer quality services

Before Acquiring Services from Immigration Experts in India, you must get a complete profile check of their experience in the industry. You must go for a visa consultant under professional immigration law firm to ensure that you get quality services in a comprehensive manner and in an often efficient way. 

Immigration Overseas is an immigration law firm that is led by an experienced team of dynamic immigration experts in Delhi who understand the specific immigration needs of clients and provide them a comprehensive range of services each time. At Immigration Overseas we understand that the needs of no two persons are alike and thus we assist each client with great dedication and in an honest manner to let them accomplish their migration dream with ease.

Those who wish to know more can feel free to get in touch with us by filling the enquiry form on the website. 

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Immigration to Australia Offering Unmatched Benefits

Australia is popularly known as the country of immigrants. Around 25% of the population of Australia is composed of migrants who come from different parts of the world. Having the 12th largest economy in the world Australia creates high demand for skilled professionals in various sectors, opening wider doors for immigrants. The country enjoys a modern lifestyle that offers the right mix of work and leisure, offering the immigrants equal opportunities to work and grow. Australia has a multicultural society with welcoming people who helps the newcomers settle easily in the country. The government of Australia also has been offering great health care, Medicare, unemployment and child care benefits that help the migrants lead a secure and happy life in Australia. The education system of the country is another reason that attracts students from almost every part of the world. Along with this the safe and secure environment Altogether makes Immigration to Australia a fascinating migration destination. 

The aspirants who wish to settle in Australia needs to avail suitable visa for the country in order to enter the country. 

Immigration Overseas understand the decision of migrating to a new country and settling there. We hold rich expertise in offering Australia PR visa services to applicants who wish to settle their dream in a country like Australia. Our registered migration agents offer an honest and accurate assistance, helping them achieve their desired dream. Immigration Overseas has been helping individuals and families to accomplish their migration dream. 

Those applicants who wish to migrate towards Australia and are looking to avail visa for the country, get in touch with Immigration Overseas for effective immigration services.