Saturday, 29 November 2014

How An Immigration Law Firm Help You Obtain An Australia Visa

Beautiful valleys, wildlife and excellent social, demographic and political benefits, have made Australia a country worth living in. Captivated by these features, every year, thousands of people head to Australia with an aim to settle down there permanently. If you are also willing to move to Australia with a purpose to work there or to make it your second home, the first you should comprehend the nitty and gritty of the Australian Immigration System, so you land there legally and peacefully as well.

The Australian Immigration System is a voluminous patchwork of legal details that need to uncover wisely to ensure a successful immigration. If you want to apply for an Australian visa under any of the General Skilled Programs or Family Reunification, then it is advisable to consult an MARA/MIA certified immigration law firm, which can help you get through the tedious application process.

Why you should consult an immigration law firm?

An immigration law firm employs qualified and experienced immigration consultants who help you choose the best immigration program for you and gather all the relevant documents/clearance.

A MARA/MIA certified immigration law firm represents your application before the concerned department so you get the approval quickly.

Along with this, a reputed law firm provides pre and post landing assistance and helps you attain the health insurance card, permanent residence card and other documents that make you settle down in Australia peacefully.

Immigration Overseas, one of the prime immigration offices in Delhi, India, offers quality services as to Australia immigration. The company has MARA/MIA certified immigration consultants, who you with great professionalism and commitment, so you achieve your targets efficiently. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avail Immigration Consultant Services

Immigrating to Australia is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, as it lets you learn different cultures, people and make most of the working and living opportunities. But, as a matter of fact, immigrating to another country is not as easy as it seems superficial; it involves many legal formalities that need to be tackled carefully to ensure a successful migration. Strict laws, paperwork and complex process related to an immigration system, make it difficult for applicants cascade with. This situation calls for immigration consultant services.

Here are the top five reasons why you should avail immigration consultant services.

  • A specialized consultancy service helps you choose the best immigration program, suiting exactly with our objectives.

  • With quality services you can deal with the tricky aspect of an immigration system successfully. A quality service makes you understand complexities involved in an application procedure.

  • The Reliable consultant service assists you throughout the process, represent you before the concerned authorities for successful approval.

  • If you avail such services, your case will be handled by knowledgeable consultants, who put best of their ability in order to get your application approved, which ultimately saves your money and time as well.

  • The providers of such services also help you settle down in the country that you are immigrating to, peacefully. They also assist you in obtaining permanent residence card, health insurance card and other relevant documents.

Immigration Overseas, an immigration law firm, has emerged as the prominent immigration consultant services provider in Delhi. The company is backed by MARA/MIA certified immigration consultant in India, who helps you with Australian Migration procedure.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pathway to New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

Being one of highly developed and least corrupt nations of the world, many thousands of immigrants dream of living in New Zealand permanently. In order to obtain a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa, one must initially hold a Resident Visa for at least two years. The holder of a Resident Visa can enter and travel from New Zealand at anytime within the period of 2 years. However, one has to spend at least 184 days in New Zealand in every 12 months in the total 24 months before submitting the application for PR Visa. After the end of the two years period, an immigrant becomes eligible to apply for PR Visa.

The two types of Resident Visas available at present are mentioned below:

•   Skilled Migrant Visa: The government of New Zealand is looking for overseas skilled workers to fill the job vacancies in which there is a skills deficiency in its domestic workforce. So the prospective migrants having the required qualifications and work experience can apply for a job under the Skilled Migration Category.

•    Residence from Work Visa: If an immigrant stays in New Zealand for a period of two years under Work Visa then he/she can apply for Resident Visa.

•   Business Migration Visa: This program is designed to attract businessmen from abroad to invest in New Zealand, which will enhance the economic development of the country. The entrepreneurs and investors can apply for Resident Visa or PR Visa after some years if they succeed in their business. 

•   Family Categories Visa: Under Family Reunification Programs, the permanent residents and citizens of NZ can sponsor their close family members to stay in New Zealand under Resident Visa.

If you want to Apply for a New Zealand Visa to work or do business in New Zealand then contact Immigration Overseas.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Skilled Workers Australian Visa - Welcoming The Highly Talented Professionals

Australia has always been one of the ideal destinations for those individuals looking for better employment opportunities in Australia. The government of Australia places much more emphasis on providing Australian visas for the immigrants having high credentials in order to fill the vacancies in some of the positions where there is a shortage of domestic skilled professionals.

One of the most popular immigration programs that opens its door for the overseas skilled workers is the General Skilled Migration Program (GSM):

It is basically an online service in which the candidates may be sent invitations by the Australian government or employers. But prior to the lodge of the visa application they need to submit an expression of Interest (EOI), and must qualify in the International English Language Test (IELT). The skills of the intending migrants for the designated occupation are assessed by a relevant Skills Assessment Authority.

Some of the prominent features of the GSM Program are given below:

• It is a points based system in which the prospective immigrants must score a minimum 67 points out of 100 in the eligibility factors

• The skilled visa holder becomes eligible for permanent residency visa. Moreover, their spouses and children also get PR status along with them.

The main requirements to get visa under the GSM Program are as follows:

• The candidate must be under 50 years of age

• Must be competent in English language

• At least a Bachelor’s degree with Honours

• Must have minimum 3 years work experience in the nominated position or any other similar position

For information on Australian Skilled Visas, contact Immigration Overseas, your helping hand to fulfill your dream to work and live in Australia. We are one of the best informative immigration consultant services, based in Delhi.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Immigration Consultant Services- Offering Quick and Splendid Visa Solutions

Since the dawn of time people have been migrating from one country to another. In fact, immigration has become an everlasting phenomenon. There are many reasons for which people decide to immigrate to some other country, leaving their own nation. In the contemporary period, many people immigrate in search of better living opportunities, high quality lifestyle and better education system. With the increasing rate of immigration, many countries have made some reforms in their immigration laws in order to promote mainly the immigration of those individuals who can contribute to their economy.

There are some countries like Australia, Canada, UK, EU nations and USA in which the rate of immigration is considerably high. Having immigrants from every nook and corner of the world, these countries have a multi-cultural population. But due to the frequent changes made in the immigration laws of these countries it has become a daunting task for the individuals to complete correctly all the legal procedures associated with the visa application processes. Some of the developed countries have really restrictive immigration policies. Therefore, it is a better option to take the services of professional visa consultants, who provides full assistance to the prospective visa applicants regarding the paperwork and other procedures needed to be completed in order to immigrate to your dream country successfully.

The process of immigration is quite complicated and time consuming. But if you use a MARA registered visa representative you will find that there are several benefits of using their services. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • The visa experts can assist you in choosing the most appropriate type of visa in accordance to your immigration requirements and circumstances.
  • They can maximize the chances of your visa getting approved by helping you in completing the necessary paperwork in an accurate manner. This also saves your time and money which may otherwise be wasted due to wrong paperwork. Any mistake in the documentation unnecessarily delays the visa procedure.
  • The consultants keep pace with the changing immigration rules and regulations of the different countries, worldwide. So they can make your visa process quicker and effective.
  • They keep their clients regularly informed about the progress in their immigration matter.
  • They prepare the candidates to face the visa interview successfully.

If you are looking for immigration offices in Delhi, then contact Immigration Overseas We provide different types of visas to countries all around the globe.